Baking birthday cakes

baking birthday cakes

It's my birthday today too Martha! I love to bake & decorate cakes, but love them even more when they are made by someone else for me. Happy Birthday to us:).
Celebrate a birthday by baking a stunning Orange & white chocolate sponge, an indulgent Ultimate chocolate cake, or a classic Carrot cake.
Celebrate someone special by baking a treat from this collection of birthday cake recipes, from chocolate, coconut and ice cream cakes to fun ideas for theme. baking birthday cakes These cake recipes will wow your friends and family.
White cakes. Chocolate cakes. Red velvet cakes. Gluten-free cakes. Get recipes, baking tips, and decorating ideas for wow-worthy cakes.
Make your next birthday bash the best ever: Bake one of our most popular birthday cakes, blow out the candles and make a wish.