1 lb is how many cups

1 lb is how many cups

I believe 1 pound is 2 1/3 cups! If you look at the measurement markers that come on the one pound packages, and add it up, it ends up with.
How many cups in 1/2 a pound? How many cups in 2 pounds 1 Lb To Cups I have one can of black beans measure is 29 ounces = 1lb.
To convert ounces to grams, multiply the number of ounces by 30. (1 oz. = 30 g) 1 stick butter or margarine, -------------, 1 /4 lb. or 1 /2 cup. 1 cup whipping cream.


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1 lb is how many cups - most bizarre

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Question: 1 lb is how many cups

1 lb is how many cups 73
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