16 oz equals how many cups

16 oz equals how many cups

Cups to fluid oz (and grams) converter to find out how many ounces in cups for dry and liquid measurement. Enter a cup value that you want to convert into US fluid ounces and click on the "convert" button. 2, 16, 27, 216, 52, 416, 77, 616.
Term, Abbreviation, Nationality, Dry or liquid, Metric equivalent, Equivalent in context. cup, c., C. usually liquid, 237 milliliters, 16 tablespoons or 8 ounces.
1 cup, brown sugar (packed), 7 ¾ oz. 1 cup, powdered sugar, 4 oz 16 oz = 1 pound. Volume: Amount. Is Equal To. Is Also Equal To. 3 teaspoons, 1 tablespoon.


Measurement: Cups and Ounces in a Gallon

16 oz equals how many cups - This

How much is two-thirds of a cup? WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING. Dry measurements are not typically used in U. Acasion abbreviation is " c ". Please email inquiries cakedecoratingforkids.com if you believe this is an error. How many cups is 16 ounces? A: One cup is equal to 8 ounces, so 16 ounces is equal to 2 cups. Sixteen ounces, or 2 cups, is also equivalent to 1 pint.
If you're knee-deep in pumpkin recipes, you may have found yourself wondering exactly how many ounces of pumpkin are in a 15- ounce can.
Enter the amount in the first field then click the " Equals " button to get the ounce, gill, cup, pint, quart, gallon 1 fluid ounce = 6, 2, 1, 1/4, 1/8, 1/ 16, - - -, - - -. 16 oz equals how many cups